Best travel tips for elderly

Best travel tips for elderly

The third age is each day that passes more modern and included in dynamic activities, which covers many trips and walks, and do not think only on small walks, they are increasingly more radical. So, we will list some travel tips for seniors.

Preparations for travel:

Check in advance. Talk to your doctor about your travel plans and listen carefully to the recommendations. Take the time to check if the vaccines are current, as certain countries require specific vaccines. Travel insurance is essential for any traveller and even more so for those who travel at the best age. Make sure you have good insurance and always have the voucher printed in your handbag. Make a copy of the voucher and leave it with a travel companion. If the trip is in national territory, check which hospitals of the destination are agreed with your health plan.Make a sufficient collection of medicines for the whole trip and also take the prescription recipes for consecutive use. If you use products such as diapers or geriatric pads, it is best to take a good stock to avoid having to buy from pharmacies in countries where you do not speak the language.

Of preference a light suitcase, with extensor and with wheels. Avoid heavy suitcases, as you may have to deal with them unaided.Leave a copy of your itinerary with your relatives, telling you the addresses and telephone numbers of the hotels where you will be staying.Find out about the weather at your destination. If you hate cold, you should avoid going on a cold place. There, at that time, the enclosed environments are well caulked, but the outings will be torture. Even if you wear a super coat, you will end up with back and neck pain from wearing so much heavy clothing.

Take time to rest. If the flight was long, you will need two or three days to recover from jetlag, so make a lighter schedule in the early days.Preferential accommodations that feature an elevator or request a room on the ground floor. You will not want to start the ride dragging luggage up the staircase, will you? Not every hotel has baggage service.Wear comfortable shoes and non-slip flooring. Do not risk taking a tumble! Sunscreen, a hat and a bottle of water are also essential.During the walks, save money, credit card and passport in the moneybelt or small bag that will need to be attached to the waist, under the clothes.