How to keep your heart healthy at the age of 65?

How to keep your heart healthy at the age of 65?

Most of the time, we delegate our responsibility for health to others. And do not assume in conscience the importance of keeping ourselves healthy and active. We only manage to assess this condition when we get sick or when one of our loved ones gets sick. It is also true that to the extent that many of the countries are approaching or achieving development, the threat of cardiovascular diseases appears from the middle ages of life, with a strong impact on the population of the elderly.

Get rid of heart diseases:

Therefore, these are 10 recommendations that help reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease and improve the quality of life in case you already have one of them.1. Healthy eating for your heart and arteries: fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, vegetables, lean meats, cereals, and low-fat dairy products should not be missed. Remember to restrict the use of salt, sugars, and alcohol.2. Spend 30 minutes a day exercising or moving your body: schedule half an hour a day for your health instead of 23 and a half hours for the illness. Move, choose the physical activity that best suits your condition and taste, walks, dance, runs, walks outdoors. Move for your health!

3. Do not smoke: of two smokers one dies a cigarette product. It is the only legally sold product that kills half of the consumers. Seek help if you cannot leave alone. Your doctor will advise you how to get it. Wanting is power.

4. Check your weight: consult a health specialist to know your weight and also if it is in the range considered normal, given your sex, height, and age.

5. Monitor the accumulated fat in the abdomen: this is dangerous for the heart. In women, the perimeter should be under 88 cm and in men under 102 cm.

6. Check and know your blood pressure: if it’s out of range, treat yourself!

7. Know your cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

8. Control stress and anxiety. You can achieve it in multiple ways, changing the routine, doing various activities or breathing deeply every time you feel desperate.

9. Share your interest in caring for your cardiovascular health.

10. Very important to know your cardiovascular risk: this way you know what degree of protection you need.

These are simple tips to carry and can help you transform your habits in order to live an active, healthy and energetic old age.