Love: Violet Hamden

Hi sweeties! Today I wanna introduce you to a new Dutch brand that I recently discovered. I’m pretty sure Violet Hamden will steal your heart with its pretty watches and bracelets. Let’s have a look!




You can always win me over with some pretty armcandy. I will never leave the house without a watch and some bracelets around my wrist and these gorgeous items from Violet Hamden are definitely new favourites. I love the combination of black and gold so for me it was love at first sight. Violet Hamden currently has two collections: the Nowness and the Day & Night-collection. The Nowness-watches have a mesh strap (like the watch I picked out) while the Day & Night-watches have a high quality leather strap. All watches are handmade, super stylish and they can be combined with a cute Moon & Stones-bracelet. The perfect casual chique armcandy!



What I really love about this brand is the idea behind it. “Enjoy life and make beautiful memories.” That’s what Violet Hamden wants to teach us. We have to live NOW and be aware of the moment. We have to follow our heart and be curious. And that’s something I can only agree with. I often find myself overthinking and worrying too much about what might happen, while I should actually enjoy the moment. Moments that should last forever? Cuddle time with my kitties or my boyfriend, cosy evenings with my friends or getting in bed after a long day. It’s the little things in life! To make sure we cherish our memories, all Violet Hamden watches come in a ‘time capsule’, a little blue box in which you can keep pictures, holiday souvenirs or other things that are important to you. You also get a little journal in which you can write down your dreams thoughts. So cute!




(Btw: you can shop Violet Hamden also at the Brandfield webshop!). 

– What’s your favourite watch brand?

With love,
Jolien xx

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  1. augustus 8, 2017 / 11:29

    Ik mocht van mezelf geen horloges meer kopen maar nu kom ik toch weer in de verleiding :p