Osteoporosis in Senior Citizens

Osteoporosis in Senior Citizens

Do you know that the older a person is, the higher is their chance to suffer a fracture even from the slightest impact? And not always the case can end with a broken forearm or hand. Sometimes osteoporosis can be a primary cause of such fragility of bones in older people.

Osteoporosis is a chronic process, mainly caused by insufficient calcium intake in bone tissue. It leads to the change in the structure of the bones to an extent where they tend to easily break with the slightest of injuries.

Who is at risk?

The change in the structure of bones, the appearance of their porosity in most women begins at the age of 45 when the first signs of menopause appear. In men, these processes start a little later.

Women with lower levels of bone mass: Since after 45, women begin to lose about 1 kg of bone tissue per year, it is obvious that the “reserves” of such women run out faster;

women who smoke: Due to smoking, estrogen reserves in the body are depleted. In women, estrogen plays a key role in protecting the bones from destruction;

women and men who abuse alcohol: Alcohol prevents the absorption of vitamin D, which is responsible, in turn, for the absorption of calcium from food into the blood. This is how calcium reaches into the bones;

people who have excluded fats from their diet, especially animals: It also complicates the absorption of vitamin D and, consequently, the improvement of bone mineralization;

women living in stress: Constant nervous tension affects the working of the endocrine organs, as a result of which the ovaries begin to produce fewer estrogens;

ladies who had menopause before the age of 45;

people who are not able to receive an adequate amount of sunlight: UV rays help stimulate the production of vitamin D in the skin;

the elderly, who in their youth, in the period of active growth, received an insufficient amount of mineral substances;

those whose relatives suffered from osteoporosis;

elderly women and men who live a sedentary lifestyle;

individuals who’re suffering from diseases associated with the thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, and diabetes mellitus.

Supplemental Policy for seniors: The elderly who are over 65 & living in the USA can use Medicare supplement plan F 2019 for covering copay and deductible.