Love: Remington Air Plates Straightener

Hi sweeties! Today I wanna introduce you to my new buddy for straightening my hair. I had the chance to try out the new Remington Air Plates straightener and I fell in love with its design and technology. Let’s have a look!




I straighten my hair everyday and I really needed a new flat iron since my old one wasn’t that good anymore. When picking out a new one, the first thing I look at is the design. I can’t help it, I like pretty things! The Remington Air Plates straightener immediately stole my heart with its clean and minimal look. But ofcourse it also has to do its job: fixing bad hair days and making me look good. And it does! This baby has a unique design which allows the plates to have maximum contact with your hair. The plates are also of a longer length so you can straighten larger sections of your hair at once. Faster styling, more time to stay in bed in the morning! ;) What I also love about this straightener is the ‘cool touch technology’. I am kind the kind of girl who is able to burn her hands when styling her hair (I had a really bad burn once with my previous straightener!), but not with these plates. My old straightener is officially retired now, I’m hooked to Remington now!



Curious? You

– Do you often straighten your hair?

With love,
Jolien xx