The best tips on special care for elderly people

The best tips on special care for elderly people

To maintain the quality of life and health of an elderly, it is necessary that the family has attended to many aspects. It is important to be especially alert to food, physical activity, medication control, safety, visits to the doctor and also social life. no matter how old the elderly may be, the most important general care should be provided by another person who can always be present, such as a family or professional caregiver. Among the most common tasks for which an elderly person needs help are caring for personal hygiene, shopping, preparing meals, going to the doctor and dealing with personal finances, among others.Check out the following key care that can make the routine of the elderly simpler, healthier and safer:

Diet and physical activity:

The companion or caregiver should pay special attention to the elderly’s diet so that he always keeps a balance between the appropriate food groups and avoid overeating. The caregiver should still keep the elderly person always hydrated by offering a sufficient amount of fluids throughout the day. To help maintain well-being, the ideal is still to encourage the adoption of simple physical activity such as walking or water aerobics.

Medication in day:

If the elderly use medicines, it is always important to be aware of the schedules and daily doses to avoid the aggravation of diseases. The use of a box organizer is highly recommended in these cases, as it helps both the caregiver and the elderly to keep the medication up to date.

Safety in the environment:

When it comes to safety for the elderly, the indication is to make the home environment as safe as possible, just as it would be for a child. Among the elements required are handrails on all stairs, access ramps if necessary, good lighting, use of non-slip mats, just to name a few.

Consult with doctor:

That’s because this speciality of medicine studies the elderly and the ageing process. Thus, he evaluates several aspects, among them: clinical, cognitive, effective, environmental, social, economic, spiritual and functional. The goal is to identify existing problems and establish Marketplace health insurance 2020 the best treatment for the patient, as well as a strategy for prevention of future complications.

Affective circle:

Lastly, encourage contact with family and friends. In addition to practising an artistic activity or hobby to pass the time. These actions offer good results and encourage the elderly to take care of themselves and to seek a full and happy life.