Medicare’s Health Plans Could Cost You a Fortune

Medicare’s Health Plans Could Cost You a Fortune

Every day I see the benefits of having accurate information, as an independent broker that major in insurance for citizens and Medigap or Medicare Supplemental insurance. Taking the right kind of decision relies entirely on your knowledge and comprehension of the options before you.

Many potential clients tell me that their search for solutions resulted in lots and lots of phone calls and emails from dozens of insurance agents, which put them in a confusing and frustrating situation. This could be really painful if you just give in and miss out the opportunity to find an option that could improve your health condition and save you money.

Fact 1: Marketing companies are here to sell you information.

When you search for information on the Internet or fill out a form to win a prize, you can enter your personal information on a shortcut page. They sell their information to different agents who contact them to provide them with the name and contact information of people needing information on Medigap and Medicare supplemental plans. This is where the information overload begins!

You can avoid this by always making sure to be on a website with legitimate and authorized brokers. There should be a free phone number for you and an email address to contact them.

If you are being asked to type in your personal data to get an offer, chances are, you could be on the wrong site.

Fact 2: Even though your Medigap cost – the Medicare Supplement plan may be different for different companies, however, the benefits are the same.

There are currently 10 standard additional Medicare plans, including A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. The benefits of each of these plans are approved by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). All insurance companies that offer complementary Medicare insurance plans must comply with the approved benefits of the plans they offer.

Although the benefits in each of the different plans are the same, regardless of the company offering the plan, there are large differences in the prices of the plans from one company to another.

By knowing this and taking the time to compare prices, you can save 30% or more on Medicare supplemental plans. In a matter of minutes, you can really save a lot of money.

Fact 3: You are not included in your Medigap or Medicare Supplement until you open the registration.

Medicare supplemental plans are not subject to the annual production cut-off dates and you can change them at any time of the year.

With this in mind, you can compare plan options at any time and switch to another plan or company. If you discover that you can get the same plan from another company at a better price, you can immediately change and start saving.

Fact 4: You are included in your Part D plan until registration is open. Part D (PDP) drug insurance policies are plans approved by 2020 Medicare advantage comparison and sold by private insurance companies.

How Is Medigap Responding to Medicare Cost Reduction?

How Is Medigap Responding to Medicare Cost Reduction?

If you are pessimistic that there is no hope of reducing the cost of health care, you need to do a re-think. A new bidding system has been put in place to reduce the waste in Medicare and the resolve to help seniors for many years.

This decision will reduce the cost of common medical equipment and supplies to a level that will help seniors get the care they need to remain in the comfort of their residence, such as wheelchairs, diabetic supplies, and equipment for oxygen. According to several government reports, a paid system, used by Medicare, is often exposed to fraud.

Can Medicare Reduce Third Party Spending at National Level?

A brand new nationwide supply system many believed will lower the cost of Medicare by an average of 32%. It is also expected that the average economy in places like Florida will be much higher. The accrued savings can be helpful for taxpayers and senior citizens.

Here’s an example of reduction in cost: The cost of an oxygen equipment in Florida is around $ 173.17 a month. This could fall to about $112 per month. Early the following year, 9 Florida recreation areas must participate in the new system. Although this system is spreading across the country, it is estimated that it will save about $ 17 billion in ten years, according to Jonathan Blum, Medicare deputy administrator.

Will additional Medicare plans change?

These and similar savings took off in 2011, with the exception of efforts to close the new supply system. The US representative at the time, Kendrick Meek, tried to end the new system, but without much success.

With such drastic cuts in the cost of medical equipment and consumables, the Medicare supplement business may be forced by the public and the government to either lower premiums or extend the benefits of the plan. If Medicare supplement coverage spends less, why not transfer at least part of the savings to senior citizens?

This already required a variety of medical equipment and devices, as well as contracts for service centers for Medicaid and Medicare. The last conclusion was done in September, so it took a while to know whether the new system will lower cost or improve the rewards of Medicare supplemental plan.

In addition, it is possible that uncompromised companies can lobby Congress to obstruct the system. This seems to be a long story with Medicare already empty. This unprecedented bidding system, the new health care reform and the aging of the American population over the next few years will have repercussions on Medicare supplement insurance. One way to stay that way and ensure you have extended coverage and/or less costs is to ask for an annual review of these plans.

In the long run, it’s worth taking a look while your health facilitates plan change. It is almost impossible to go to different levels if your health condition worsens. Do a comparison of new plans when they arrive on the market regularly and you are more likely to find better values ​​and save more in your hard-earned retirement savings.

Have You Prepared For The Open Registration Of Medicare In 2012/2013?

Have You Prepared For The Open Registration Of Medicare In 2012/2013?

The first thing to do is to assess your health needs. Review your current medication prescriptions and how often you consult your health care professionals. Have you received a notification from your plan provider regarding changes to your plan? Make a list of your current medical needs and all that has changed since you last registered with your Medicare plan.

Even if you want to keep your current coverage, it may be time to change your plan, as a similar plan could offer additional benefits or reduce costs. With private insurers in the health insurance industry, premiums, premiums and highly competitive plans are constantly evolving and benefiting consumers.

Compare your list of other Medicare plans available in your locality by reviewing carefully all the costs and benefits. Make sure you compare not only the monthly costs, but also consider all your expenditures, including every cash payments, deductibles and co-insurance! You can start your search on the website or contact a specialized Medicare insurance broker.

If you select a Medicare specialist, it is better to look for an individual who does not depend on a given health insurance agency so that they can offer you the full range of plans available. These advisors may also be more motivated to find the plan that suits you best, while an insurance agent will try to force you to one of two or three plans that he has on sale.

While it’s actually a good idea to seek advice from your friends and family, remember that your medical requirements are particular to you and that a perfect health care plan for your friend may not meet your needs.

To make the right decision, you must also know the differences between Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage. There is no single size that fits all. For some people, for instance, those who do not consult their doctor often, Medicare Advantage plans may be more effective, while for others, especially for older people in rural areas with a limited amount of providers of health care. A Medicare supplemental plan with a larger selection of doctors may be better – even if it may cost a little extra.

Here, you can save cash by scrutinizing all currently available plans and comparing them to your current medical needs. The variety of BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans 2019 diets makes selection more complex. However, if you intend to locate the best Medicare policy for your particular requirements in 2013, you can compare the offer of the plan and the benefits during the Medicare 2013 open enrollment period.

Finally, you should note two changes to the Medicare enrollment for the year:

1- Medicare enrollment starts earlier and ends earlier. Starting October 15, eligible participants can join or change a current Medicare policy. Meanwhile, you can only sign up until December 7 of the current year. (In the last year, the registration period lasts from mid-November to the end of the year.) 2- For some persons, there are records throughout the year. There is one important exception to this enrollment period: you can upgrade to a five-star Medicare policy at any time within the year, from December 8th to November 30, 2012.

Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease in Seniors

Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease in Seniors

Motor symptoms:

For a long time, motor impairments (or motor symptoms) were considered the only manifestations of Parkinson’s disease. Movement disorders first appear on one side of the body, and only after 2-5 years, both sides are affected. This asymmetrical onset is still considered one of the most accurate diagnostic signs of Parkinson’s disease.


In Bradykinesia, it becomes difficult for the elderly to plan and carry out small actions. The handwriting becomes small, the speech becomes quiet and unrecognizable. Then it becomes difficult to eat and carry out proper hygiene procedures. From the side, you can also see that the patient is not as actively waving their arms when walking as before (hypokinesia).

Stage I

As the disease progresses, speech and gait slow down, facial expressions become poor.

In the early stages, bradykinesia can be detected by special tests given below:

Test Fournier

Tapping test

As the disease develops, it becomes difficult for a person to get up, and turn around in the bed. Gait becomes shallow and shuffling. It can be difficult for a patient to step after a stop as if they are “stuck”. Later, the characteristic “petitioner posture” is formed.


In 40% of patients, they become the initial symptom of Parkinson’s disease. They are noticeable at rest and disappear when moving. Later, the tremor of the legs and chin becomes noticeable. Handshaking when trying to hold a certain posture (postural tremor) can occur many years before the disease becomes apparent.


Or stiffness of movement. Increases muscle tone. If you try to move your arms or legs over the patient, it seems as if they consciously resist these attempts. Another characteristic symptom of Parkinson’s disease is the “cogwheel phenomenon”.

Postural instability

It becomes difficult for a person to maintain balance. Often, when walking, the body continues to move forward which can provoke a fall. The patient often stumbles, and need assistance while walking.

Non-motor symptoms:

changes in cognitive functions:

the reaction rate decreases;

fatigue, it is difficult to concentrate for a long time;

“operational memory” decreases – it becomes impossible to learn something new, even, at first glance;

it becomes difficult to plan;

Inertness of thinking develops: a person makes decisions without noticing that the situation has changed and the old strategies have become inadequate;

in advanced stages, 80% of patients develop dementia.

Emotional disorders:

old interests disappear and new ones do not appear;



anxiety disorder.

Sleep disturbance:

restless legs syndrome;

apnea (respiratory arrest) in sleep;

daytime sleepiness;


nightmares, accompanied by motor activity.

Visual impairment:

difficult to navigate in the twilight;

difficult to adapt to changing lighting;

color sensitivity deteriorates;

visual illusions appear.

About Medigap program: The 2019 medicare advantage plans offer coverage options for coinsurance as well as copay for senior citizens who’re living in the US.

Medicare Supplement Plans Vs. Advantage Plans for The Elderly

Medicare Supplement Plans Vs. Advantage Plans for The Elderly

Medicare alternatives to Medicare recipients may be very confusing and puzzling. For Medicare members for the first time, the period is 3 months before the end of the third month after the 65th month of the month of 65 years. Anyone who wants to subscribe to a supplementary Medigap plan or health benefits plan can do so without worrying about medical conditions. If you attempt to register after this open enrollment period, enrollment to a Medigap plan may be refused and you may be expected to continue until the next annual registration of the prescription or plan is opened, which lasts from November 15 to November 31 each year.

Now, there are no registration requirements for the supplement, prescription or Medicare plan. However, if you choose not to subscribe to prescription drug coverage plan, if you qualify and do not have another prescription drug plan reliable, you will have to pay a penalty of 1% per month when you subscribe to the plan. In the future 1% of the penalty will be added to the cost of plan basis. Also keep in mind that the fine will be paid for the rest of your life.

The following is important for those interested in getting affordable health insurance and the most favorable health plan. If you choose to benefit from a benefit plan rather than an additional plan, you may not be able to change another plan when developing a medical condition. The only thing that gives you an additional plan is if your benefit plan is eliminated or abandoned for any reason other than what you did or if you are in the service area of ​​the plan for your current entitlement plan. Take off plan. It is important to keep in mind that the benefit plan may be costlier and that some of you could be limiting your options for Medicare insurance. It is recommended that you choose a supplement plan rather than an interest plan, if possible. Note that the RX lock is not included in the additional plans.

For the persons who are not eligible for Medigap policies, HMO policies are now accessible in many places and they now provide free alternatives. However, they are not compliant with HMO plans, if you do not have the resources, this may be the right choice. For your HMO policy, do not take restrictions and if you can leave a network of doctors and hospitals. For people above the age of 65 in Michigan who are thinking of changing their health plan, this year may be the time to return to the plan of consolidation, as many of Michigan’s special service plan rates for 2011 have been canceled. Many insurance firms subscribe to packages outside the network of hospitals or doctors in packages for HMO and PPO. Now, if this plan is removed, you may be able to return to 2019 medicare advantage plans

Does Medigap Plans Provide Prescriptions for The Elderly?

Does Medigap Plans Provide Prescriptions for The Elderly?

Despite encouraging news that the average Medicare Advantage plan is going down by 4 percent, there is some unpleasant news for Medicare recipients. According to a recent study by Avalere Health, in 2012, the payment rate for brand-name drugs was expected to increase. Quota is an amount that your health insurance provider may need to pay for a given service or medical care. For example, for a visit to the office, your health insurance may require $25 or $35 for a brand of prescription drugs, the insurance company will usually pay the balance needed to complete the taxes.

The quota for brand-name drugs will rise by about 40 percent, while that for non-preferred brand drugs will rise by an average of 30 percent. Preferred brand name drugs are generally drugs which the manufacturer has agreed to a negotiation for a discount for the prescription drug plan. For preferred generic drugs, the quotas remain the same. Generics which are non-preferred are expected to lower their 43% share. Health care recipients should also cover a greater percentage of the bills for specialty drugs, which can exceed $ 1,000 per prescription. Specialty drugs include many of the newest drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The new cancer drugs in the form of pills are also considered specialized drugs.

Are Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plans useful?

Most Medicare Advantage plans help some, but not all, medications. The same goes for Medicare Part D. So you do not need a benefit or a Part D insurance plan. Always cross-check which drugs are covered for each insurance plan. Medicare Supplement plan g announced in 2012 that Medicare Part D premiums would remain unchanged. Prices are still around $ 30 a month.

CEO of Avalere, Dan Mendelson, said, “The elderly should go beyond just the costs so they can appreciate the benefits, and the more the financial burden is transferred to the patient they need, the more imperative it is for seniors to understand the next level. According to officials of Medicare who had seen the study, average drug plan prices do not affect what will ultimately be paid to a beneficiary. Deputy director of Medicare, Jon Blum, said there is no general conclusion, because each person’s individual drug needs are peculiar. You need to know the plan and the specific medications the individual is using.

Is the Medical care review beneficial to seniors?

As Blum noted, the Health Care Review Act helps to save funds for high-cost recipients. For individuals who are in the insurance period of enrollment and do not have Medicare coverage, recipients can be allowed to get a 50% discount for branded drugs. Around 47 million persons with disabilities get Medicare and around nine in ten have a prescription drug plan. Medicare Part D plans have different insurance plans. The most commonly used plan has five levels: non-preferred generics, generic favorites, non-preferred brands, preferred brands, and medicinal specialties.

Medigap Plans Can Help Build a Happy Future

Medigap Plans Can Help Build a Happy Future

While it may seem more enjoyable to live in the present and let the future take care of its own affairs, it is likely that our future will be a consequence of the past and present. About 1 in 4 families care for a person in their 50’s or more. According to a survey done by the National Alliance for Care and the American Association of Retirees, this amounts to 22 million families. Preparation for the loss of health is one way to maintain your independence for a long time. Adding Medicare will not only protect your savings and assets, but also improves your access to quality health care. This can lead to a happy and more satisfactory years of retirement life.

Save with Medigap insurance to make the most of your retirement.

Unfortunately, medical bills are often difficult to pay for most people. When you are 65, it’s time to protect your health with Medicare insurance. While Medicare fees for paying doctor visits may seem unimportant if you are in good health, the use only original Medicare can be very prohibitive if your health should worsen.

The best opportunity to get low premium for Medicare Supplemental cover (i.e. Medigap) and Part B of Medicare kicks in at age 65. Within the 3 months prior to the month, you attain the age of 65 or 3 months after this month, you have the option to sign the plans during an open special enrollment period.

Medicare Part A is generally free if you or your spouse are paying for Medicare, but Medicare Part B is optional and includes a monthly premium. If you don’t sign up during the open registration window of 7 months, you may likely pay higher bills should you sign up later. This is not the case if you sign up late for Part B just because you have insurance for a group insurance plan at age 65. For safety reasons before you reject Part B, talk about your problem with the Social Security Administration.

During this 7-month period of open enrollment, you also have the guaranteed right to adopt a plan that covers non-Medicare medical treatment. A guaranteed issue right implies that your claim can not be rejected, even in severe health conditions. Whenever you waive your right to Medicare health coverage, you may need to cover all of your health costs that are not covered by Medicare.

Apart from the period of open enrollment, an insurance agency could sell Medigap insurance despite prevailing health situations. Meanwhile, you may need to pay greater monthly premiums for protection.

Medigap policies are an important step in making retirement simpler.

Just like other types of insurance coverage, such as long-term care and accidents (for home care), Medicare supplemental insurance plans and 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans can save a lot of money over the years. These savings provide a more rewarding and richer pension for you.

If you are going to need extra medical care, like in patient care, your savings could disappear in a flash. Medicare has a deductible of around $1,134 prior to providing hospital services to the hospital. After the deductible payment, Medicare covers all medical costs for 60 days. If you require more care, you should obtain co-insurance payments which may be a part of the hospital’s cost each day.

Medicare Supplemental Plans

Medicare Supplemental Plans

If you sign up for Medicare, it would be a nice idea to consider taking one of the Medicare supplements known as Medigap. A Medigap plan is a government-regulated low-cost supplement that guarantees benefits and costs which are not included in the original Medicare plan.

Medicare is the national insurer for the health of US citizens who are retired. As such, it provides insurance for the essential services listed in its plans. However, certain costs, such as deductibles, co-insurance, joint payments and others, are not covered by these plans. These expenses, generally known as expenses, can be quite high if the necessary measures are not taken to protect themselves.

Medicare supplements are usually provided in the form of private health insurance plans. All strategies are standardized and the same strategy is used in all companies, regardless of location. Plans are labeled with letters. Each plan has benefits associated with it. Of course, bonuses are also awarded for each plan. It is important to keep in mind that the benefits offered by one company for one plan are the same as those offered by another company for the same plan. However, plan premiums vary from company to company. It is therefore important to try to find the best offer of supplements in Medicare.

When looking for 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans visit it is important to choose the plans that offer the best insurance. Total insurance guarantees that you pay fees, if any. Although the profitability of the contracts in terms of rewards is a key factor in the choice of these plans, it should not precede the insurance. It’s up to you to choose the plan that best suits your needs. In terms of integrity, it must be taken into account that the F and C plans offer the best benefits.

When looking at the impact of costs on the choice of plan, it may be interesting to know how these costs are determined. Many companies use different systems to calculate premiums for different Medicare supplements. However, most insurance companies use both plans to establish premiums for a given plan: the age plan and the established age plan.

Age plan plans are formulated on the basis that a person has reached the age at which they can receive Medicare benefits for their health care needs. On the other hand, the plans developed according to the age plan in force are determined by the age of the person at the time of the application of this specific plan. From the foregoing, younger applicants will be charged lower premiums than older applicants. However, both plans are known to increase premiums as the age of the beneficiary increases. As a result, premiums tend to increase further for the age plan attained in relation to the age plan. However, we know that in both cases, premiums increase with the age of the beneficiary. The premiums for age plan are determined when the person reaches the required age to receive Medicare.

How Can Supplementary Medicare Insurance Be Improved by Telemedicine?

How Can Supplementary Medicare Insurance Be Improved by Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is not only applicable to space stations, it can also be used in communities where access to specialists is limited, for example in rural areas. Can you imagine having a face-to-face conversation with your doctor without having to go to his office? This means that it will not be necessary to find a wheelchair in the truck or snowy roads in winter to meet a doctor. If you live in a small town, it may also mean that you do not have to travel in the state to visit the nearest specialist. If you qualify for Medicare, what will telemedicine offer you? The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services made a proposal for new guidelines to improve the use of telemedicine. Older citizens and individuals with disabilities benefit more from increased use of technology drugs.

Mobility usually becomes increasingly difficult as you age, but you can still “see” and speak to your doctor by videoconference without running the risk of falling when you go to your doctor. Even in rural areas that have little or no access to a specialist, Medicare and Medicare assistance policies may offer more options to the health care sector.

Medicare supplemental insurance can increase your access to health care.

You may have thought that our senior population needed to increase demand in the current health care system. With telemedicine, cities that have difficulty employing skilled labor can also contact specialists in urban areas.

As some experts have explained, “the distance that separates us so far is that the elderly see a doctor, some of these people cannot travel, some poor and old could not have made the trip, many of them would not have received treatment.

Because of the invention of telemedicine, the Lister Clinic is now able to force patients to consult a specialist within 2 months via videoconference. This is just half the time needed to make an appointment with a doctor.

This new approach gives much more value to Medigap insurance. You will probably find that Medicare will not pay all the costs of health care. Medicare only pays 80% of the previously approved fees for medical services.

Telemedicine provides the connection for better health care.

At the University of Nebraska Medical Center, an interactive video system introduces Dr. Thomas Magnuson to his patients in state retirement homes. He may be able to communicate in the same way with the staff of the retirement home and the family members. Dr. Magnuson, a psychiatrist, said, “There are many isolated places and we only had a large population of patients who had no attention.”

With video conferencing, Dr. Magnuson sees and listens to his patients as if he were in the room with them. Technology connects rural physicians to urban professionals and patients can receive the care which they need whenever they need it.

 Even more remarkable, this technology enables surgeons to carry out “distant operations” using remote-controlled robots.